A business without advertising is like a girl smile in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else, not the girl learns.

Consulting Total offer a quality service. Our marketing and advertising helps your company become more competitive as it focuses not only on the product, which should be good and make a good first impression-but also focuses on product positioning and brand in the consumer’s mind. The way the product or service is perceived or positioned within the minds of consumers, it can be more important to your success than the product or service itself. That’s why Total Consulting can make you and your brands are the best to their customers or potential customers.


We offer an effective job in advertising through:

Advertising: We help you sell your products and display them properly.

Marketing: We advised in the sale, and the creation of purchasing departments.

Operational Marketing Plans: We help you to perform a role of marketing work that can be implemented in the day.

Customer loyalty programs: Make the customer to come again and again is as important as generating sales the first time.

Communication Plans for SME companies: Highly can help you develop plans means to present your brand, products and services.

Outsourcing Marketing Services: Let us work with you on a day to day becoming the advertising department of your company.

Online Marketing / Marketing on the Internet: Today internet who is not there. And who is not properly losing many customers. We support you to reach correctly to each of the different social networks your customers.

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