Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A company without a good graphic design, and does not look good, do not wake up on their customers security and trust, so these will not invest or do business. In these days of fast business, the first impression is what counts.

In Consulting Total we have all the graphics and advice to give your company a more professional image tools that you need. Your customers will trust your proposal and all printed and graphic material that you give him.

We advise you in Graphic Design under the following points:

Corporate image: Everything relating to an impeccable graphic identity.

Catalog Design: Put all your products in a book so that your customers have to choose from, and we give you the option to print or do digital.

Logo Design: A logo is where the seed will grow all the elements of your identity with the customer. If you do not have the logo well done, everything else will not be perfect.

Corporate Design: We work on large items of products for you, at the corporate level.

Banner Design: We realize what you imagine you as advertisements for websites

Outdoor Advertising: All advertisements you want to show in all possible formats, and resistant to rain, sun and elements.

Illustration: Art tailored drawn to give a more human touch to your products and services.

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